Welcome to the Midwest’s Best Biker Fest!

For over 36 years, ABATE of Indiana has been holding our annual fundraiser as a celebration of the hard working volunteers in the motorcyclists’ rights community. This event has grown throughout the years to a record turnout of over 14,000 attendees! Each year bikers gather from across the country to celebrate in an open environment that allows our guests to be themselves and enjoy the weekend without the worry of offending someone. Think of it as our own “Woodstock”!


We’re excited to announce some new changes to this year’s event!

  • The Boogie is now open to the public. Non-members can attend.
  • New Saturday only admission (On stage Sat. night Fuel, Dishwalla, and Marcy Playground).
  • The Hoosier Honey contest is now on Friday night.
  • Salt Creek Brewery will be introducing a special edition craft beer for this year’s Boogie! The “Biker Betty” beer is a blonde ale that features a commemorative can that will only be available at the Boogie beer garden. Make sure to get yours at this year’s event! (ABATE of Indiana reminds all riders to ride responsibly and not drink and ride.)

    Salt Creek Brewery’s “Biker Betty” Special Edition Boogie Beer

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